• Consultations by appointment
    under 16’s are bulk billed.

  • Pre-employment medicals

  • Diabetes and Care plan Clinics
    (1/2 hour appointments)

  • Audio, spiro, and mine health surveillance medicals

  • Coagucheck inr instant testing device

  • Influenza (Flu) and Pneumonia Vaccination

  • Belly button piercing

  • Implanon insertion/removal

  • Drivers License Medicals

  • Speedway Medicals

  • Professional and Amateur Dive Medicals
    (Dr Andy Foote)

  • Aviation Medicals
    (Dr Andy Foote)

  • AMSA Marine Medicals
    (Dr N Eze & Dr Kees Bakker)

  • Prescriptions

  • Molemax Skin Clinics

    (This is a computerized machine that monitors moles and enables to be reviewed 6 monthly or annually by your GP. Regular skin checks and early intervention is an important medical preventive tool.)

  • Repeat Scripts
    must book appointment with a doctor

  • Authority Scripts
    must book appointment with a doctor

  • Referrals
    an appointment needs to be made for any referrals

  • Results
    It is a patients responsibility to follow up on results. Please make an appointment to see your doctor.

  • Instant Drug and Alcohol testing

  • Instant Medicare Rebate